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The Great Indoors Puzzle Co

Voyage 01 by Reena Mistry

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Reena Mistry is a British born Gujarati-Canadian illustrator and designer. She can usually be found sketching in Toronto under the working alias Miss Drawn. Her drawings are indulgences in the details we often miss when we race through a day. They are honest observations made by a playful hand, full of inaccuracies but captured for the joy of pausing to see the world as it is. Subjects move, light changes, and mistakes happen. It's an exercise in mindfulness to slow down, observe the world, embrace changes, and draw. It's all a bit wabi-sabi. In that way, every drawing is misdrawn.

Designed by Reena Mistry

thick stock and matte finish art paper
500 pieces
18" x 24" assembled
Puzzle pieces and box are 100% recyclable