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  • FAISAIT single hand earring in Vines. In collaboration with nail art designs by Fair Main.
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Hand Earring - Vines

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vine: any type of plant that climbs while it grows.

  • total earring length approx. 2-2.5' 
  • plastic & stainless steel earring findings

Sold singles (automatic) or pairs (select option):

  • "Single Handed" select left or right. (one earring)
  • "Pair of Hands" always include left & right & different hand position.
  • "Lost Mitten" (pairs) include a left OR right & second complimenting earring

**All earrings are hand-made & illustrated - to order. Designs vary piece by piece & are as individually unique as our finger tips & special as you are. 

Hand shape & positions also vary (see all examples in various styles). 

Singles are left or right as selected, pairs will always have one of each & be in  two different hand positions & lost mittens may be either. The hand position in the image may be different than your pair.