Sweet Orange + Bay Essential Oil Incense

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Sweet Orange + Bay Essential Oil Incense
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Evoke the warmth and spirit of the holiday season!
Clove and Cinnamon are ancient spices long recognized for their warming effect on the body. The blend kindles warmth in the home while also encouraging blood flow to the mind, increasing clarity and enhancing memory. Sweet Orange keeps spirits high with it’s joyous and comforting aromatherapeutic effect. The fresh scent of Bay Laurel encourages confidence, inspiring creativity while protecting and cleansing your home.


Place incense in incense holder. Light the black end of the stick with a match or lighter. Hold the flame to the stick until it holds its own flame. Let the flame burn for a few seconds. Gently blow out the flame. Soon, smoke will rise and your incense will start to smell. Enjoy. Only burn in a well ventilated area. Don't leave unattended. 

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