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Living Libations

Scalloped Quartz Crystal Gua Sha

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Living Libations Quartz Gua Sha stone’s scalloped design has a long smooth side to capture gentle curves on the face and body, and the scalloped edges are perfect for sculpting the jawline, brow, and eye area.

This Gua Sha tool is an excellent implement for massaging cellulite areas and fascia in general. To bless your body with a therapeutic Gua Sha body treatment, scrape oiled skin with the flat edge of our Gua Sha stone using significant pressure until the there is a feeling of tissue release. Traditionally, the skin on the body is scraped vigorously enough to leave red marks or little red bumps.

Gua Sha facials, though, are usually gentler. Our favorite way to Gua Sha is to first wash the face and neck or spritz it with Rose Tonic or Frankincense Tonic, and smooth on a generous squeeze of a lubricating serum (Rose Glow, Soothsayer, Open Sky, or any Best Skin Ever), for great glide. Then, simply select the perfect curve in the implement to hug the area you are rubbing. Be sure to move the tool upward and outward to effectively sculpt and smooth the skin.

Quartz Gua Sha Care: Wash the stone with hot water and a little lather from our clay bar soap, or a little dash of Living Libations shampoo and dry it thoroughly. Store it in the muslin bag in a protected location.