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Love Your Mind Journal - Headspace Collaboration

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Our daily lives are overwhelmed by stress and mental clutter. The Love Your Mind Journal, created in collaboration with Headspace, is a tool to help you write your way out of heavy thoughts towards a more mindful approach to life. 

The regular practice of writing down your thoughts and feelings has been shown to improve relationships, mental health, and quality of sleep. The journal’s pages provide a space to free your thoughts, invite clarity, and cultivate peace of mind. Inspirational quotes, motivational context, and actionable daily & weekly prompts encourage reflection and self-inquiry, with the goal of growing your awareness for a more balanced, joyful life.

Each week is divided into sections, including

  • Quote: inspiration you can use to guide your self-reflection, questions, observations, and awareness for the week.
  • Musing: additional context to help you explore the weekly quote and how it applies to your life.
  • Weekly Prompts: invitations to reflect on the meaning of the weekly quote in your life and nurture further self-awareness.
  • Daily Prompts: starting points for self-inquiry each day of the week, crafted to increase self-reflection, awareness, and observation.
  • Mood: daily invitations to check in with your mood, raising awareness of your feelings and, as a result, empowering you to understand and work with them.

The journal can be used on its own or to complement your meditation and mindfulness practice on the Headspace app.


  • Open-dated: move through the themes and complete the prompts in any order you’d like
  •  Lay-flat Smyth Sewn binding
  •  Offset printing & matte lamination
  •  Dimensions: 5.75” L x 8.5” H (14.6 cm x 21.6 cm)