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Bergamot Complexion Mist

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Bergamot Complexion Mist is a fast way to freshen the face. Bergamot hydrosol excels as a toner for acne, relaxes redness, lifts emotional clouds, and invites radiant relief. Palmarosa, distilled from a tropical, fragrant grass, releases an aromatic oil that smells like a lemony geranium-rose that tones and tempers the skin. A light, refreshing mist for the whole body!


Use: It can be applied directly to the skin, even in the summer sun, as it does not possess photosensitive properties (like the essential oil). Spritz on to cool, refresh, scent, and cleanse the skin. It is first rate as an air cleanser, as well as toner, cleanser, and overall skin reviver.

Ingredients: Bergamot Hydrosol - Citrus bergamia, Palmarosa Oil - Cymbopogon martini.