2017 Isometric Calendar

Paper Pusher

2017 Isometric Calendar
  • $24.00

Printed on 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper with a tactile vellum finish, these calendars stand out in any home, office, or studio with their perfect combination of fluorescent Pink, Blue, and Yellow soy-based inks.

  • 7 x 12 inches 
  • 3 Colour Risograph Print
  • Soy-Based Ink
  • 100% Recycled Kraft paper


Working with the retro print technique of Risograph, this annual calendar combines modern utopian geometric design with vintage-inspired graphics. 

Lightly textured kraft paper amplifies the hand-printed look of Risograph for a delightfully anachronistic appearance. Fluorescent Pink, Blue, and Yellow soy-based inks pop. 

Each calendar is made by hand in our small studio in Toronto

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